Reading for the Chronically Health-Challenged

I read a lot and I like sharing things that I think can help others. One reason I started this blog is because I want to put down and make available more broadly the resources that helped me when I was going through cancer and what helps me now. I’ve shared some of this over and over with people whom I was a peer supporter/mentor to when they had cancer, and I hope it can be of help to more people.

This post will have a running list of articles and books I think are helpful. I hope this is useful, and please feel free to suggest ones I should read and consider adding!



Itzhak Brook MD a physician and a laryngectomee. Dr. Brook is a Professor of Pediatrics at Georgetown University. The blog contains information about head and neck cancer, life as a laryngectomee, and manuscripts and videos about Dr. Brook’s personal experience as a patient with throat cancer.


  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation), Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • I personally love the body scan. It’s an hour long. Jon Kabat-Zinn is the foremost expert on mindfulness for dealing with pain and illness. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I listen to it. Maybe it’s just his east coast accent I find comforting. 😉 I do it even when nothing is wrong because it trains your brain to be present in what you are currently feeling.

  • Headspace App for iPhone



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