Nine years ago - to the day - I finished chemo treatments for stage 3 tongue cancer. I still had a week of radiation treatments left. It saved my life but also completely changed my path many times over. Grateful the treatments worked for me, but I struggle still with the trauma of that experience.... Continue Reading →

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I've become more interested in history as I've gotten older. Maybe I just better understand why history matters, maybe because I now get to learn about it on my terms, or maybe it's because I'm not being tested on it. 🙂 I've also gotten way more into black history thanks to more movies and media... Continue Reading →

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Head and Neck Cancer is a Lifetime Disease

When I was diagnosed with cancer it was truly awful and devastating, but over time you come to accept your diagnosis and treatment plan. You get through it because you think "this is temporary" and I will get back to my normal life after a year or two. I can't speak for other cancer patients... Continue Reading →

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I love lifestyle blogs and instas where all the photos are perfectly on brand, consistently color themed, styled, and perfectly filtered. Where posts runneth over of beautiful dinner parties with moneys-no-object (neither apparently is time nor patience) table settings, and blissed out, impeccably dressed party guests. This, however, is not that blog. This is about... Continue Reading →

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Mmmm, can you smell it now? I can, because I have tween children and an active husband. My washing detergent of preference is Tide Free Pods. I like that there is no scent and seems better for your skin than added fragrances, aka chemicals. But sometimes it just isn't cutting it. My new favorite cleaning... Continue Reading →

Who needs your support?

My mom posted this and I have to share because it’s relevant to everyone. Cancer effects everyone, whether directly or as a friend or family member of someone with cancer. After treatment of radiation and chemo, it takes years to feel somewhat normal. And some people never feel like their old self again. The side... Continue Reading →

No sleep till….

When you have chronic pain or illness, sleeping can be inconsistent and difficult. The occipital nerve pain in my head flared up last week and by Saturday night I was in terrible pain. I slept all day and night Sunday and Monday because the pain tires me out, but it wasn't restful sleep. I'm sort... Continue Reading →

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