I've become more interested in history as I've gotten older. Maybe I just better understand why history matters, maybe because I now get to learn about it on my terms, or maybe it's because I'm not being tested on it. 🙂 I've also gotten way more into black history thanks to more movies and media... Continue Reading →

I love lifestyle blogs and instas where all the photos are perfectly on brand, consistently color themed, styled, and perfectly filtered. Where posts runneth over of beautiful dinner parties with moneys-no-object (neither apparently is time nor patience) table settings, and blissed out, impeccably dressed party guests. This, however, is not that blog. This is about... Continue Reading →

Corn Maze for Dayz

Annual visit to Bob's Corn Maze. Completed the 10 acre corn maze in 33 minutes. BOOM. And, we met Bob and his wife. Awesome to see them working the events.

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