Will AI-generated content take today’s current cesspool on the web and make it worse? Yes, yes it can 

I’m excited to see how people are working to identify AI-generated content, which will be critical in sorting good info and content from garbage, make it harder for people to use it to cheat* in schools. AI-generated content is going to have a major impact on demand generation, content marketing and SEO. SO much content can be generated SO quickly there is going to be even more garbage out there and it’s overwhelming to think about how it’s going to FUBAR the current world order for ranking and finding good content online. You have to read this article by Christoph Cemper that will give you hope – Percent Real – AI Content Detection and AI Watermarks; AI Content Detection – can AI Watermarks help?

When I first thought about ChatGPT for content marketing, I thought mostly about all the time it would save writing recaps, blog posts, speeches, and press releases… I was in a full blown Willy Wonka’s Marketing Factory with my eyes twinkling at the idea. But thanks to my quick decline into over-thinking, that spiraled into nausea from too much bloated content everywhere. A world where the whole internet would be overtaken with AI-generated content on blogs, websites, contributed content and sponsored posts, making the already over-saturated web into a cesspool of spammy, nothingness of content. How would we ever cut through the all the clutter and bullshit? We already struggle with this, and I haven’t seen forecasts on this yet, but I’m sure someone is figuring out the insane multiple that written content on the web will be expected to grow because of AI-generated content. 

Photo by Leonid Danilov on Pexels.com

After my momentary panic, I pretty quickly talked myself down because we have blueprints already for copyright infringement monitoring in audio and text that can be extended to AI-generated content. And there are brilliant engineers who can write programs to AI-monitor, the AI-generated content. And then in a few days, content marketers everywhere will want die when Google rewrites their algorithm to adjust for this. 

This is nascent, I know, but it feels hopeful to see how this is beginning to shape up. 

* I’m on the PTSA board at our middle school and the issue of ChatGPT enabling rampant cheating has been a conversation amongst some parents and teachers. I actually think this has many positives for student learning, but many kids will use it to cheat. Many of our teachers are worried about this. Cheating in schools is a whole seperate topic, because frankly our schools are broken so what they are cheating is outdated methods of teaching and measuring knowledge. And doing so in a way that negatively affects very bright, but neurotypical students. Personally, I think this should push us we use these advancements to change the way we teach students and evaluate knowledge. More to come on this.

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