In a mix of sorrow and blessings, I’ll have 4 weeks in Italy between May and July. I’m in my way home from the first of two trips. The first was with my mom and sister. My mom and dad had always planned a dream trip to Italy after they sold our childhood home and... Continue Reading →

Disabled. Spoonie. Chronically ill. These are just a few ways those of us with a lot of health issues identify. I prefer to be called “Differently-abled.” Years ago, my husband and I talked a lot about my new status as “disabled,” telling him how I felt that saying I was disabled seemed inappropriate and didn’t... Continue Reading →

If you're a cancer survivor and still work, this is a must read. It's long, but extremely important to protect your income in case you develop long-term side effects from treatments and at some point can no longer work. Or, you get cancer again. :/ I developed long-term, debilitating side-effects from the surgeries, radiation and... Continue Reading →

What's more painful than severe chronic pain? Health insurance companies. It's hard for me to say whether my current insurance company is especially cruel, or if it's that my treatment needs have escalated to a point that I am getting uncommon treatments, which require more hoop jumping. It's like a bad combo of their special... Continue Reading →

Nine years ago - to the day - I finished chemo treatments for stage 3 tongue cancer. I still had a week of radiation treatments left. It saved my life but also completely changed my path many times over. Grateful the treatments worked for me, but I struggle still with the trauma of that experience.... Continue Reading →

Who needs your support?

My mom posted this and I have to share because it’s relevant to everyone. Cancer effects everyone, whether directly or as a friend or family member of someone with cancer. After treatment of radiation and chemo, it takes years to feel somewhat normal. And some people never feel like their old self again. The side... Continue Reading →

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