Mmmm, can you smell it now? I can, because I have tween children and an active husband. My washing detergent of preference is Tide Free Pods. I like that there is no scent and seems better for your skin than added fragrances, aka chemicals. But sometimes it just isn't cutting it. My new favorite cleaning... Continue Reading →

I love lifestyle blogs and instas where all the photos are perfectly on brand, consistently color themed, styled, and perfectly filtered. Where posts runneth over of beautiful dinner parties with moneys-no-object (neither apparently is time nor patience) table settings, and blissed out, impeccably dressed party guests. This, however, is not that blog. This is about... Continue Reading →

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

It's scary when you notice you are turning into your mother. But it's horrifying when you realize you are turning into your grandmother. A few weeks ago, I heard myself say to our kids "please don't throw your plastic baggies away...just keep them in your lunch box. I will wash them and we can use... Continue Reading →

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